Reasons why not to relocate offices using in house employees

It’s a beautiful day out on the golf course and you are playing well as you are in a good place with your business continuing to prosper. What a different tale to the lament, offered by your playing partner.

He is telling you a story of shambolic nature, having decided to carry out his company’s relocation in house rather than taking the wise decision you took in the same situation when deciding that office removals in Melbourne were best handled by a professional team.

Your friend assumed that he would be saving money by not paying for a knowledgeable service but how wrong he was. He had to hire vehicles, and then some of his employees were found wanting, dropping valuable computer equipment that required costly replacement followed by the long process of using the backup drives.

Their removal took far more time than an experienced team with a background in project management would have taken, which led to disgruntled clients who were left waiting for important contracts to be located.

To make matters worse, one of his team managed to drop some of the equipment on their foot necessitating a visit to hospital while another strained her back trying to lift something when using the wrong technique as they were not previously trained.

This led to a shortfall of staff and further delays to processing orders once in situ in new premises and then when they returned, they started talking about being paid compensation which got into a messy set of negotiations, not least because his company insurance did not cover themselves for such events, whereas an expert team in office removals most certainly will.

The packing, unsurprisingly, was a shambles which led to documents falling out of boxes and then could not be located at the other end causing further upheaval. Preplanning was negligible now your business colleague has time to reconsider, which is an error so many ad hoc amateurs in removals fall for.

The sleepless nights it has caused him are showing as he looks worn out and stressed, so much so that he has become a walkover on the course rather than the previous competent golfer.

Employing the services of a professional office removals firm with years of experience is always the sensible course of action to save time and money. Accidents and injuries will be prevented along with downtime along with retaining a happy bunch of employees.

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