Protecting Your Company Against Internal Threats: Need For IDM Security

IT environments are more heterogenous than ever before. While using a mix of cloud and on-premise solutions offers a bunch of benefits for organizations, it also means more concerns as far protection of sensitive data is concerned. Data breaches have costed millions to some of the most prolific brands, and with new GDPR compliance requirements, things aren’t very easy for companies in EU. One of the key terms in this regard is ‘insider cybercrime’, and in that context, IDM security is a relevant point to consider. What is IDM? Why does it matter? In this post, we are discussing some of the core aspects that companies need to know.

What exactly is IDM?

IDM is the short for “Identity Management”. Ever wondered how many users, including employees, customers, and privileged accounts, have access to different apps, systems, and resources. A considerable number of recent breaches can be traced to insider resources, because employees often have access to critical information, data, apps and programs, which are otherwise not accessible to masses. In many cases, the breach is not even intentional. Accidental breaches are even more dangerous, and often it takes months to resolve an insider incident, because the management doesn’t have clarity on how to manage access to data. Identity & access management suites are designed to simplify the process and bring visibility to the entire process.

Get in control

Yes, it is critical to protect the company’s IT framework, environments and data from outsider threats and hackers, but insider incidents need equal attention. For that, identity management and access governance are aspects that cannot be ignored. For example, when an employee leaves the organization, his accounts and rights are to be revoked immediately, but that seldom happens promptly, and that may lead to an intentional or unexpected breach that could have been prevented in the first place. The need for identity management and access governance is real, because having a proactive stance and clear framework of access is critical for survival of the organization. More than just compliance, it is about simplifying the work of the management and prevent some of the core risks.

Final word

There are suites available for identity management and access rights, and these can be used effectively to transform your company’s response to insider breaches, if they occur at all. Take the plunge and find a suite you can rely on for customization and right features.

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