Making The Most The Space Available In Your Office

At the heart of many successful businesses is well-functioning office premises; for a workspace to operate effectively, the space should be managed correctly to give staff the tools to succeed. If you’re planning an office refurbishment or moving to new premises, you’ll want to know all about the available options when dividing the area efficiently; the most common way to do this is to utilise a partitioning system. We’ll look at today’s modern flexible partitioning systems, what they are manufactured from, their benefits and how they might work for you.

Introducing Partitioning Systems

Today’s commercial interior design specialists use partitioning systems to create modern, stylish, and functional office spaces; there are options for all budgetary requirements with low-end solutions and higher cost specifications. A great initial step is looking on the internet; searching for ‘office partitioning Gloucester‘, or something similar is a good idea; this will give you some inclination on what might be best for your situation. You might also find a specialist office partition installation partner for your project in the course of your research. Let’s now look at the main types of partitions in use today.

The Different Types of Partitions

Choosing the right type of partition for your workspace must be done carefully to allow your staff to operate effectively. The design for your office environment should combine with the décor and furniture. The main type of partitioning systems in use are as follows –

  • Drywall composite partitions – consist of timber or metal framework with plasterboard or gypsum board layers; this is an effective, low-cost option with great acoustic properties. It’s easily installed without major building work and finished in any choice you might make.
  • Glazed Partitions – becoming increasingly popular glazed partitions can spread healthy natural light throughout the office environment; available in single- and double-glazed options, they are a great choice. Higher-end choices include curved glazing, electrically switchable privacy glass and fire-rated glass partitions.
  • Demountable partitions – these partitions are flexible movable systems that can be moved from place to place when the situation demands. Excellent for growing businesses where the demands on office space change frequently, this type of partitioning system also has the added bonus of being tax-deductible.
  • Fire Rated Partitioning – these are partitions constructed using fire retardant materials to protect specific workplace areas, including storerooms and fire evacuation routes.

Using a partitioning system in your office help create a positive atmosphere where staff have a sense of their own space; this, in turn, increases their happiness and productivity. They are also superb in establishing proper workflow and controlling the acoustics, which is an important requirement.

Modern intentional office design chooses elements that complement each other. When combined with modern ergonomically designed furniture and matching décor, a well-situated partitioning system creates an aesthetically pleasing and practical workspace where your company can thrive. Contact your local partitioning specialist today!

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