How Print is Still Valuable in the Digital Age

For many years we’ve been told that print marketing is dead and that the only way to thrive as a company in the modern age is to go full throttle into digital marketing. Although there was some truth to this at certain points, for businesses choosing their marketing strategies for the coming years, the best approach is to look at both print marketing and digital marketing. This combination of the two is the most valuable approach to businesses as customers look to the past with a nostalgic nod and companies search for ways to stand out from the crowd. If you can deliver your marketing strategies effectively in both print and digital, you would be daft not to give it a go.

Here, we take a look at the value of print marketing in the digital age, and how it could continue to make a big difference for your company. Don’t think about it as a straight choice between digital marketing and print marketing, but rather a way in which you can combine the two to maximum effect.

For many of your customers, print still works because of the feel and touch of it. The aesthetic of a heavy print, the smell of a new book and the general feel of paper creates this luxury appearance that completely stands out when compared with much of digital marketing. Of course, prior to the digital age we had become accustomed to the nature of print, but these days we are far enough removed from that time that it again feels different and luxurious in comparison, and therefore becomes a potentially brilliant piece of your armoury as a company looking to market itself to a wide audience.

With print marketing you have a better chance of making an impact when you personalise a piece of advertising. It is more likely that the recipient will take notice of print marketing if it has been localised to their area or personalised. Although this is also achievable with digital marketing, it doesn’t seem to resonate as well and can often be lost. This all plays into the fact that print marketing is much more likely to receive a positive response, or any response at all than digital marketing when discussing the rates connected to direct marketing campaigns. This is valuable to companies of all sizes to create information and data points about customers and potential customers.

No matter what sector your business is in, you’ll understand that it is vital that your customers are approached in the manner that most suits them. For some customers (and potential customers) this will be via traditional means, such as print marketing. For other people, they may prefer that you communicate with them through digital means. This could encompass email marketing campaigns, digital flyers, through your company website or via social media platforms. There are many different ways in which you can communicate with your customers and look for new customers. Print is still a valuable commodity in the digital age and could help you stand out from the crowd.

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