Execute Business Plans & Projects With Cloud-Based Strategic Planning Tool

In simple words, strategic planning is all about deciding where is your organization stands and where you want to be. This could be related to something specific, like a project. Managers often forget that strategic planning is more than just about formulation – It is also about execution. Long-term goals have to be further divided and segregated into short-term milestones, and everyone relevant has to be involved. Instead of doing things in folders and spreadsheets, you can consider using a strategic planning tool.

Strategic planning with better management

The concept of using a cloud-based strategic planning tool is not entirely new, but more businesses are aiming to simplify the way they deal with the process. Managers get a platform that’s designed to focus on goals, while also keeping the scope to add updates, progress and growth. Depending on the tool being used, a software program for strategic planning will offer an intuitive user experience, bringing everything under a comprehensive dashboard.

Features to expect

Besides the dashboard we just talked about, strategic planning tools also offer customizable features, templates, and action plans that can be further tailored to meet the needs of your organization and achieve specific goals. Real-time visibility is another advantage that cannot be ignored. Communication at all levels becomes easier, and managers can manage people, teams and departments better. A tool for managing plans and implementing strategy can be also used for enhancing accountability at all levels, and it gets easier to manage certain projects, for which organization-wide implementation is necessary. If you are comparing different tools, we recommend that you check if the product is designed to simplify reporting in the first place, and if you have the means and features to compare both outcomes and individual performances. It is also expected that the strategic planning software will enhance transparency at all levels and help in achieving milestones by offering a clear interface to control and monitor everything.

How much do strategic planning tools cost?

It really depends on many factors, including the features being offered, but at the least, you can expect to pay a fixed price per month, based on the number of users. Cost per user has to be evaluated against what you get and how the tool aids strategic planning in the long run.

Paying more for a more comprehensive tool is never a bad idea, but do consider flexibility and customization options in detail.

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