All You Want to Know About Advertising on Connected TV

Connected TV has created a buzz in the field of video advertising. It is seen to transform the way video advertising that was performed earlier. Connected TV is a television that can connect to the World Wide Web. What makes CTV extremely appealing for advertisers is its incredible permeation in the market. Several more reasons make CTV the future of video-based advertising.

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CTV is Present Everywhere

So, the first and highly important feature of CTV is its omnipresence. According to last year’s reports, around sixty percent of households in the United States own a CTV. There has been a projection that around 75% of households will be using this technology by 2020.

Millennials are fond of CTV

CTV is viewed to have the potential to become the future of video advertising. This is because people love it. Millennials are 67% more interested in having a CTV-only house. With these concentrated and tech-savvy advertisers, more and more businesses are going to adopt CTV to perform video advertising.

People are Not Bothered by CTV Ads

Another important thing that goes in favor of CTV is that people do not mind seeing CTV advertisements. This advertising medium gives them a normal TV viewing experience and has a greater ability to target people that you are in search of based on the data that these applications provide.

CTV offers a higher return on investment as compared to conventional television advertising. Most of the applications used to view content via CTV are less expensive when compared to conventional TV.

Due to these reasons, users do not mind even if they have to watch a few ads on CTV. To them, watching a few ads can be a fair deal for low-price content. Also, ads that are displayed on connected television are “less irritating” compared to the ones that are shown on linear television.

Massive Advertising Opportunity with CTV

The huge growth of CTV is seen as an enormous opportunity to advertise videos with CTV. Around 160 million US people have started streaming using CTV per month. With the improvement of this technology, even more people have adopted CTV in their daily lives.


Connected television has revolutionized the video advertising field. With its omnipresence and record speed, it is quite evident that in the coming days this technology will improve and become a part of the daily life of people.

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